uno mas…

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I thought that the last post was the last post of my incredible journey – but I’m feeling the need to post just one more…  And that’s because I am officially a published author!  Self-published.  But still, published.  all you need are seeds… a socio-political self-help memoir about organic gardening is now available!

Such a labor of love, I couldn’t not write about it here, especially for those who followed my journey from DC to Savannah, and all those places in between.  In it, I provide more of my story and how I changed my life using the metaphor of organic gardening.  Covering topics from unresolved childhood issues, to finding self-love, seeds… is to inspire individual healing, which I am convinced, will change the world.  I even share why I left Costa Rica early, in case anyone found themselves perplexed by this

My book is currently available at on Kindle.  Paperback and other e-books, coming soon.  For more about the book, including an excerpt from the section on self-love, visit me here.

And if you’re wondering what’s happened with me here in Savannah…  I still love it here.  But.  Ion’t no y’all.  I’ve got the travel bug bad.  I ship out next month…


now it’s time…

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That’s probably the longest I’ve gone without posting.  Not for not having something to say.  But sometimes how to say something is extremely difficult.  And so I will just say it… this is likely the last post of mis aventuras.  And I am quite saddened by this event.  Especially since I just decided it as I began typing.  But that just tells me that it’s time.

I must accept the fact that this part of my journey has ended.  On an incredible high, no doubt.  Everything that I set out to accomplish, I have.  The woman I knew I could become, I have.  And the place I wanted to find… well, I did that too.  And I am truly happy, y’all.  Never in my wildest dreams would I be this woman.  Especially since I didn’t have too many expectations when I first set out on such an incredible year of growth.  And the beauty of it is, this is only the beginning…

Because.  I’ve written a book.  🙂  It’s what has occupied much of my writing space over the past few months.  🙂  It’s called all you need are seeds… a socio-political self-help memoir about organic gardening.  Remember that permaculture course I took back in Patagonia?  Well, I used many of its principles to detail how I’ve changed my life.  And I tell the methods I used to go from a woman who was insecure and completely out of touch with her authentic self to become someone who loves, honors and respects everything about herself.  I am releasing it independently on Dec. 12, 2012 through Amazon – in both paperback & Kindle (possibly on B&N, too).  You will be able to find it (amongst lots of other stuff) on my website – (autographed copies, too).  The site for socio-political self-help and stuff.  A place to grow.  To know.  To sow.  Come check me out.

Exhaling.  So there you have it.  Thanks to each of you for all of your encouragement and support throughout this journey.  You have no idea how much I’ve enjoyed sharing this experience with each of you.  {tears} The end.

yes, yes y’all

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When I left San Marcos la Laguna, a few months back, I wrote on how I felt trapped between two worlds. And I was. One of love and light and randomness and community. And one of luxury and indulgence and impeccable service. At least, the things I appreciated most from the two places I found myself caught between.

At the time, I’d wondered aloud whether I could find a middle ground. A place where sharing meets super high sheet thread counts. Where a hug that seemingly lasts for days exists alongside the ability to earn a comfortable living. And where the freedom to be oneself is as engrained as a bit of social responsibility.

td-td-td-td-tdtdtdtdtdtdtdtdt (say it out loud – it’s a drum roll, people). I have found it. And it is here in Savannah, Georgia. The energy here doesn’t exactly “feel” like the love prevalent in San Marcos. But it is incredible on its own. The standards aren’t as relaxed as they are there. But people are unabashedly real individuals here. And I love it.

I’ve been feeling a bit lake-sick the past few days, reading facebook after facebook post of all of mi familia de San Marcos la Laguna volviendo al lago ahora. Wondering if maybe I’ve made a mistake in deciding to settle down here and not there. Thinking that after my writing fellowship ends here in December, I could easily volver, tambien. I miss it terribly.

But let’s not forget peeps – I am not a backpacker. And how I often felt as though I did not belong with all of the artists and folks who don’t require hot water to be happy…

The Universe has a funny way of giving us exactly what we need in the moment we need it. Last night, just before I was to perform spoken word – my very first time – a woman sitting near me asked me if I had eaten dinner. There was a box of leftovers that she offered me to eat. It immediately took me back to my time in San Marcos and the sense of community shared there. In that moment, it became ever so clear that Savannah called me home, because she is home. She is the best of both worlds that I’d been seeking.

I belong.

the bare minimum

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So.  I was a restaurant hostess.  LOL.  Yes.  Was.  It took me just two days to figure out that minimum wage for maximum work just ain’t my cuppa tea.  Dude.  I have got to give it up to EVERYONE who works in the service industry.*  Because that was rather crappy.  Not you guys – but the work itself.  And not even the customers.  This one’s all about my now former boss…

I really feel compassion for the guy.  He seemingly had no idea that being a douche would run off a new employee.  On my first day, he pulled the person who’d been training me (uhh, barely) after the first hour and a half.  Had her simply stand in the hotel lobby doing nothing for the next three and a half hours while he watched me do my thang…

Uhh.  You realize that I have no experience, right?  A fact made painfully clear in the interview, application and on my résumé.  And I’m sorry, but grant me a first-day reprieve before you start getting all managerial on me.  Just saying.  Mind you, I held my own.  Hurt feet, swollen ankles and all.  But on day two, I resolved to state my frustration with the aforementioned day’s events.  And I did.  I spoke to my direct supervisor about it, letting her know how uncomfortable it made me feel.  She agreed that it was uncalled for.  Cool.  I actually enjoyed working with her.  Felt a modicum of respect.

That was, until Mr. Manager returned to complain about a broken register.  He proceeded to speak poorly on employees from another shift who obviously, broke it on purpose and according to him, should receive pain for their stupidity.  I lie to you not.  His words.  My tipping point.  In that moment, I knew that I could not both honor this woman and work for someone who doesn’t even have enough respect for his employees to not badmouth them to newbies with less than ten hours under their belts…

I recall when I thought I needed such jobs and tolerated such pissy behavior for the sake of a shitty paycheck.  Not today.  I won’t say the I’d rather thing – because the Universe can be quite the crafty dealer.  But I will say that I know my worth.  And it’s more than the minimum.  In both pay and respect.

Minimum Wage In Paraguay, one simple figure

Minimum Wage.  It sucks in every language.            (Photo credit: WageIndicator – Paulien Osse)

*Expect an increase in tips until my guilt subsides…

a must share.

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Broke out with the ugly cry in the park while reading this one…  A repost from my daughter’s (mi$fit marti) blog.  Sometimes when you’re doing what’s right for yourself, those around you may hurt.  For awhile, at least.  To my travelers out there, just because you leave, it doesn’t mean that you’re gone.  Remember that the changes being made in you are for more than just you.  It’s not selfish – it’s selfless…


You are searching for a small woman.

But reaching out her hands do not meet yours.

She is somewhere living

millions of miles away, with twinkles in her eyes

She tells you all about her growth and such….

and your just sitting there silently screaming:


But computer screens divide and distort the connection

You loose signal.

You are always loosing something.

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what you wish for…

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It’s not like I didn’t know it already…  It’s something that I say all the time to just about everyone…  Be careful what you say.  Be careful what you think.  Be careful what you wish for, because sometimes you get just that.

A few months ago, I was offered work with my former firm on two different occasions.  I wrote all about my soul no longer being for sale and all of that.  And really.  Looking back, it wasn’t the most pleasant place to work…  Lots of underhanded dealings.  Shady.  Extremely shady.  Too much crazy competition.  Drama.  Drama.  Drama.  I am beyond happy to have left that behind.  But.

When last offered a “chance” to return – I kinda said that I’d rather wait tables.  LOL.  Guess what!?  I am!  And honestly – it feels like it’s my first job.  They couldn’t believe that with my education and background that I actually wanted to wait tables.  But.  After I explained the why and the what – they hired me on the spot.  They said that they never do that.  🙂  And.  Beyond waiting tables, I will get lots of commercial kitchen exposure – they wanna know about this gourmet soul I speak of…  Which, as I will open my own restaurant or something food related someday – I need this experience…

I am incredibly happy in this moment.  I don’t know when I will start or what I am making – I don’t really care.  I have a job. One that I feel good about having…

My new life rocks! ;p

until you try it…

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This is for anyone and everyone who has ever turned their nose up at something before even trying it…

Yes, A, this is all about you. And me too. :). But, back to you. Last week, you posted a photo (on FB) of a chocolate eclair/hot dog combo that was served up at some fair somewhere. At the time, you mentioned a fear of some sort for humanity and several friends chimed in on the gross factor of the eclair dog.

Now, on to me… I recall saying something about it possibly being a good combo – you know the sweet/savory thing that I love oh, so much.   Then I asked that you give me a week to report on whether there was indeed, a gross factor.  And I was determined to at least try it before I could give an opinion… Well… My week is up.

I searched and searched for a proper eclair but since 7-11 has seemingly found its way to Mexico City but not Savannah, I had to improvise. Girl, I went to Krispy Kreme and bought two custard filled, chocolate glazed doughnuts and an all beef hot dog from a random gas station (gasp! – I know – but where does a girl turn when she only needs one cooked dog?).

I then split the doughnuts down the middle, broke the hot dog into two and voila – mini eclair dogs.


Yum… Chocolate-eclair hot dogs!

Then… I ate them. And you know what, I was right last week. Don’t knock ’em til you try ’em. It wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever eaten. But it surely wasn’t the worst (that distinction belongs to the boiled armadillo eaten in Patagonia). The tastes didn’t intermingle much.  I’d have a taste of hot dog followed by a taste of eclair…  Never a bad taste, imho.  I will have it again.  As soon as I get my hands on a real eclair.  And… Get this – I’m thinking it might be even better with my apple maple chicken sausage. It’s so on. 🙂  You might even find it offered on my hospitality platter when you visit me in Savannah.  :p


Another satisfied customer